round1 [ raund ] adjective ***
1. ) shaped like a circle or a ball:
Don't worry if the balls of dough aren't perfectly round.
A round table will seat more people than a square one.
Which hairstyles would look good with a round face like mine?
2. ) curved:
The round arch is thought to belong to an earlier period.
3. ) not exact, but given as a whole number or as a number ending in zero:
They quoted a round figure of $100 million.
4. ) complete and not less than a particular amount:
a round dozen: This goal brings his total for the season to a round dozen.
╾ round|ness noun uncount
round 2 [ raund ] noun count ***
▸ 1 (one of) a series
▸ 2 bullet/shot
▸ 3 complete game of golf
▸ 4 drink for all in group
▸ 5 slice of food/sandwich
1. ) one of a series of meetings:
round of: The next round of peace talks will be held in Rome.
The agreement came at the end of the third round of negotiations.
a ) a game or a series of games in a competition:
Sampras plays his first match in the second round on Wednesday.
round of: Brazil beat the United States in the second round of the World Cup.
b ) one of a series of elections:
The opposition party is leading after the first round of the elections.
c ) one of a series of short periods of fighting in a BOXING or WRESTLING match:
He knocked out his opponent in the fourth round.
d ) usually plural a series of visits to different people or places made as part of someone's job:
The bag was found by a mailman on his morning delivery round.
2. ) a bullet or a shot fired from a weapon:
Those guns are capable of firing 1,250 rounds per minute.
He had a handgun and several rounds of live ammunition.
3. ) a complete game of golf:
He likes nothing more than to play a round of golf.
4. ) a drink for each of the people in a group:
Tom went to the bar to order another round of drinks.
It's my round (=I will buy the drinks).
5. ) a round SLICE of food:
He prepared cucumber rounds covered with cream cheese.
do/make the rounds
1. ) to be passed from one person to another:
There is a rumor making the rounds that he has been fired.
2. ) to go from one person or place to another:
roughly speaking of: I did the rounds of all the talk shows yesterday.
in the round
1. ) performed on a stage surrounded by an audience
2. ) designed to stand alone and able to be looked at from all sides:
sculpture in the round
a round of applause
a period of time when an audience reacts by CLAPPING their hands:
I want you all to give her a big round of applause.
round 3 [ raund ] verb transitive **
1. ) to go around something:
The van had just rounded the corner when it was hit by a truck.
As they rounded the bend, the house came into view.
2. ) to make something round or curved:
You have to round your lips to blow into the flute.
,round `down phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
to reduce a number to the nearest whole number, or the nearest number ending in zero:
The total came to $10.04, but she rounded it down to $10.
,round `off phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to end something in a satisfactory way:
round off with: They rounded off their six-game series with a stunning victory yesterday.
round something off by doing something: Mr. Orme rounded off the evening by buying everyone a drink.
2. ) to make an angle or surface curved and smooth:
Use a sharp knife to round off the edges.
3. ) to change a number to the nearest whole number, or the nearest number ending in zero:
Well that comes to 169, so let's round it off to 170.
,round `out phrasal verb transitive
to make something more complete, especially by adding another feature:
Bodine and Rogers rounded out the list of top finishers.
,round `up phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to find and arrest people:
Dozens of political activists have been rounded up for questioning.
2. ) to bring animals or people together in one place for a particular purpose:
I used to help round up the cows at milking time.
Officials also were having trouble rounding up truck drivers to make the deliveries.
3. ) to increase a number to the nearest whole number, or the nearest number ending in zero
round 4 [ raund ] BRITISH see AROUND

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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